LaTeX Tutorials

What is LaTeX?

A great way to learn LaTeX is by searching the web. Recommended site: LaTeX Wiki

A template for Beamer that demonstrates many capabilities

A theorem environment package with an example .tex file

Some helpful templates

A bunch of LaTeX tutorials from the Research Science Institute

A neat web site where you can draw a math symbol and it will tell you the LaTeX code for that symbol.


Using BibTeX for creating references and bibliographies

How to write BibTeX files

(Often one can export a BibTeX reference from scholarly articles found on the internet. Try searching for a scholarly article. Under each search result, you will see an option "cite". If
you click on that you will have the option to export the bibliography reference.

Also searching Google for the name of your article together with the word "bib" will usually give a link for
exporting bibliography references.)

Installing LaTeX:

First one needs to install a TeX distribution:

Windows - proTeXt is an installer for MikTeX, Ghostview and some extra software.
Linux - TeXLive is included as a package in most versions of Linux.
Mac OS X - MacTeX is a TeXLive installer for Mac.

Then install a TEX editor to give a nice interface for writing in LaTeX

My favorite TEX editors:

Linux: Kile (preferred method of installing is your distribution's package manager)

Windows: TeXnicCenter