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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Bylaws

  • "Rostered non-tenure-track faculty" (which includes instructors but not research faculty) vote "on issues pertaining to the Bylaws or general governance of the College". (p. 3 and 4)
  • "Each department shall have a chairperson who shall be appointed by the Dean, upon nominations by the tenured and tenure-track faculty in the department, subject to approval by the Chancellor." (p. 19)
  • Department bylaws must be consistent with college bylaws (p. 19)
  • Interpretation of CLAS bylaws is up to the Executive Committee of the CLAS Council (p. 23)

Bylaws at other math departments

These are links to the bylaws various math departments, selected by the highly scientific method that they can be found on the internet, who are voting faculty, and rank on US News and World reports.

  • #8 University of Michigan "faculty with at least 25 per cent appointment", undefined who the faculty are
  • #20 Mathematics department UIUC tenured/tenure track, assistant professor and above,
  • #51 North Carolina State University tenured and tenure track, half-time lecturers
  • #51 University of Georgia Tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, and others budgeted for more than half time who have been recommended for appointment by a vote of the department faculty. "For participation in the election or review of a department head, an untenured nontenure-track faculty member must also have a reasonable expectation of appointment or reappointment beyond the date beginning the new term of the department head service."
  • #68 University of Nebraska Tenure or tenure track at assistant professor or above
  • #76 University of Delaware Tenure, tenure track, and continuing non-tenure track
  • #76 University of Tennessee Knoxville tenured, tenure track, at least 50% time lecturers
  • #111 UNC Charlotte full-time faculty members, including fulltime lecturers; only tenure-track faculty members may vote on matters concerning faculty hiring
  • #rank not published University of Central Michigan regular appointment, at least half time, not non-tenure track
  • #rank not published University of Toledo tenured, tenure track, full time
  • #not listed Wright State University full time at the rank instructor, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor or professor
  • #not listed SUNY Geneseo full time appointment, or half time Lecturer

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