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A graph is said to have thickness t if its edges can be partitioned in to t, and no fewer, planar graphs. The highest chromatic number over all thickness-t graphs is known only in the case t=1, which is due to the famous Four Color Theorem. The same kinds of questions can be asked for graphs, both orientable and non-orientable, on other surfaces. In this project we use computational methods to search for high chromatic thickness-t graphs on a variety of orientable surfaces.



To produce new high chromatic thickness-t graphs, t>2, for graphs on the sphere and other orientable surfaces.

Major results


Project lead

Ellen Gethner


Roqyah Alalqam



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Recent publications

Journal articles

Ferrara, Michael; Flesch, Breeann; Gethner, Ellen List-distinguishing colorings of graphs. Electron. J. Combin. 18 (2011), no. 1, Research Paper 161, 17 pp, 05C15 (05C25)

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Albertson, Michael O.; Boutin, Debra L.; Gethner, Ellen The thickness and chromatic number of r-inflated graphs. Discrete Math. 310 (2010), no. 20, 2725–2734. (Reviewer: Arthur M. Hobbs), 05C76 (05C10 05C15 05C69)

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Ellen Gethner, David Kirkpatrick, and Nicholas Pippenger. M.C Escher Wrap Artist: Aesthetic Coloring of Ribbon Patterns, forthcoming

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