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Wish list

Add your suggestions or plans here. If you want to comment on any of the items, please start a new section of the talk page and link to it here.


  • Bayesian Tracking of Emerging Epidemics Using Optimal Statistical Interpolation (OSI) for peer-reviewed journal (Ashok leads)
    • Need comparison to EnKF
    • Need to sharpen the language
    • Need to present to core mathematical ideas
    • Would be good to compare data assimilation to static Bayesian disease mapping
  • Coupled numerical simulation of wildfire and atmosphere in WRF-Fire (Jan leads)
    • target journal: math/simulation/computer, or more math/theory tolerant geoscience (Tellus?)
    • target submission date: August 15, 2010 (to make the year 2 annual report to the NSF)
    • description of the methods, expanded and updated from the IEEE paper (Jan)
    • what was tried and worked and what did not in the level set method, as recorded in Minjeong's thesis (write about things that did not work?) (Jan)
    • numerical examples: 3D pictures of WRF behavior with fine meshes and steep terrain, compare with behavior known in microscale meteorology literature, demonstrate fire behavior on ideal examples, compare with Sun at all 2009 (Volodymyr)
    • a real fire example (Jon)
    • needed improvements of the fire code
      • quadrature of fuel left (Volodymyr)
      • ignition (Jan) (or just use a fine enough fire mesh?)
  • The Hilbert space EnKF paper (Jan leads)
    • Anybody still interested? If we don't do it soon, someone else will.
    • target submission date: ??
  • Paper that unifies standard spatial statistics with the data assimilation paradigm (Cobb & Krishnamurthy)
  • Finish FFT-EnKF Rain paper with the Prague group (Mandel & Beezley & Knodratenko) Report 289.
  • Data assimilation on differentiable manifolds, with applications (Cobb and Smith lead).
  • Mathematical Modeling, Prediction and Estimation of Infections based on the 16th century Eyam plague data using EKF (Ashok leads)


Collaboration tools

  • Records (Jan)
    • repositories (like this)
    • Howtos with repository links (like this)
    • "To do, in progress, done" list with repository links (like this)

Methods and software

  • Square root EnKF in Matlab (Bedrich)
  • Matlab classes - in progress (Jon)
  • Fix FFT EnKF - covariance fitting in osimorph (Jan)
  • Fix morphing - avoid constraint lock (Jon)
  • How to evaluate and verify data assimilation (Jan, Bedrich)
    • Gaussian case
    • Comparison with Fokker-Planck equation
    • Pragmatic, keep track of results
  • Transition of osimorph to Python - future (Jon)


  • Make data assimilation work on epidemics
    • Simulation code C++ with netcdf i/o - done
    • Add parameter estimation.
    • Transformation of variables (logistic?)
    • Fix morphing and FFT EnKF first.
    • Experiment with particle filters.
  • Make data assimilation work on fire
    • Fix morphing and FFT EnKF first.
  • Make data assimilation work on rain
    • Fix morphing and FFT EnKF first.

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