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How to get an account for UCD users

As of May 2016, Janus is going off-maintenance and is no longer accepting new users. Janus is being decommissioned and replaced by Summit.
This page is kept for archival purposes only.
  • Go to https://www.rc.colorado.edu/accountrequest to submit a request, using your ucdenver.edu email address.
  • You will be contacted by email with further instructions and to provide the name of the project, the funding information (if externally funded), and email address of the project leader. If you are a new user on an existing project, the project name and leader are sufficient.
  • Project leaders must create a page for their project following the Janus cluster project template. Please keep the project wiki page up to date.
  • All accounts must belong to a project in list of Janus cluster projects. Project leaders are responsible for the computer use and timely reporting on the project's results.
  • The project leader is responsible for complying with export controls. In particular, the computer may be used only for fundamental research.
  • For now, all UCD users must be UCD employees or students. There is no charge for using the supercomputer and no allocation process yet.

Acknowledgement of support

All publications from work that used the computer must acknowledge the support as follows:

This work utilized the Janus supercomputer, which is supported by the National Science Foundation (award number CNS-0821794), the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Colorado Denver, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Janus is operated by the University of Colorado Boulder.



  • 1368 Dell PowerEdge C6100 nodes with 2 Intel X5660 Westmere EP processors and 24GB 1333 DDR3 memory
  • Total 16416 cores and 32832 GB memory
  • 960TB (usable) parallel filesystem
  • Two high-memory nodes with 1TB memory each
  • Housed at CU Boulder


  • GNU tools and compilers
  • Intel and PGI compilers
  • Matlab



  • Production.

Support and documentation



  • NSF MRI grant (Henry Tufo, Jan Mandel, James Syvitski, Richard Loft, Keith Julien) to the Front Range Consortium, consisting of CU Boulder, UCD, and NCAR. The consortium has previously acquired and is operating the IBM BlueGene supercomputer.
  • CU Boulder, UCD, and NCAR matching funds
  • Operation and infrastructure provided by newly established CU-Boulder Research Computing.

UCD projects and users

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