How to switch MPI versions on the Gross cluster

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The first thing to do is set it on the frontend system by running the command below.

[you@frontend ~] mpi-selector-menu

It will come back with a menu that looks like this.

Current system default: mvapich_gcc44-1.2.0
Current user default:   <none>

    "u" and "s" modifiers can be added to numeric and "U"
    commands to specify "user" or "system-wide".

1. mvapich2_gcc-1.4.1
2. mvapich2_gcc44-1.4.1
3. mvapich2_pgi-1.4.1
4. mvapich_gcc-1.2.0
5. mvapich_gcc44-1.2.0
6. mvapich_pgi-1.2.0
7. openmpi_gcc-1.4.1
8. openmpi_gcc44-1.4.1
9. openmpi_pgi-1.4.1
U. Unset default
Q. Quit

Selection (1-9[us], U[us], Q):

Then select the mpi version you want to run on the system. When you select the version you want hit enter and it will ask you

Operator on the per-user or system-wide default (u/s)?

If you are not an administrator you have to choose user. When you set it it will ask you

Defaults already exist; overwrite them? (y/N)

Then quit out of the mpi-selector-menu. Now you need to log out and log back in again for the setting to become effective..

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