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August 2: Data assimilation seminar: funding

August 6: Reading some papers

Data assimilation for wildfires

Generally cell-based simulations with a variant of particle filter and importance weights from distance evaluation by symmetric set difference.

Cell models

Corsica group

Convergence of the EnKF


August 7: Powershow.com

August 9: Data assimilation seminar: DDDAS

August 12: Special Data assimilation seminar at Starbucks

Returning to last year's seminars. How to decrease the number of particles in PF?

August 14: Fire models

August 21: AbTech AIM

August 26: Fireline intensity

Also found: Forest Service wildland fire strategic plan 2006

September 1: Data assimilation seminar

  • AIM demo
  • Epidemic in Google Earth (Brian Smith)

September 3: Google Code suports git

September 4: Reading some papers

September 8: Scott Lett

September 8: Fuel moisture

September 12: Fire in Google Maps

September 18: Programming fire intensities and fire risk rating

September 23: How to run WRF with the fire code on the Janus cluster

September 26: Animations in Google Maps

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