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October 5: Data assimilation seminar: Jon Beezley

October 6: Proofs of the EnKF theory paper

October 9: Reading some papers

October 16: Canopy fire

October 17: Fire danger

October 18-20: Ninth Symposium on Fire and Forest Meteorology

WRF fire model presentations

Other presentations

October 20: WFDSS - FSPro – Fire Spread Probability Model

October 26: Data assimilation seminar: Loren Cobb

October 29: Reading some papers

October 30: Hurricane WRF

November 1: CCM Colloquium: Eric Sullivan

November 3: Colloquium at Penn State Statistics Department

November 12: Google Code

November 18: The Architecture of Open Source Applications online book

November 20: Reading some papers

NFS considered harmful

Level set method for heterogeneous propagation

SIAM ebooks

December 3: Fire data

Fire detection and mapping

Vegetation changes

December 6: Mendeley citations management

December 8: MIT probability theory course

December 11: Hfire

December 13: FX-Net

December 20: Sozopol paper update

December 29: Reading some papers

Data assimilation

Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Environmental Sciences

See also

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