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April 2: Data assimilation for wildfires and fuzzy logic

April 2: Data assimilation seminar: Ensemble filters and random elements in a Hilbert space Part 6

  • Marcinkewicz-Zygmund inequalities and Lp laws of large numbers
  • notes
  • photos

April 3: Conditional probability and characterization of finite exchangeable sequences

April 9: Data assimilation seminar: Joshua French

April 16: Data assimilation seminar: Evan Kwiatkowski

April 16: Destruction of computer science/engineering at University of Florida

The original dean's announcement and budget presentation

From: Tim Davis <drtimothyaldendavis@gmail.com>

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 18:19:22 -0500

Subject: Destruction of computer science/engineering at UF

Many of my colleagues have been asking about this concern, having seen it in the news or from other colleagues.

My department needs your help. Please see http://saveufcise.wordpress.com/ for more details.

The Dean of the College of Engineering has proposed the destruction of my department (the Computer and Information Science and Engineering department at the University of Florida).

About half the faculty would scatter to 3 other departments, along with its PhD program and one MS program. The BS and MS in Computer Science would remain in the burnt ashes of a CISE department, dedicated solely to teaching. Faculty not chosen by other departments would lose their research. Courses taught for the PhD program would become service courses taught by non-research faculty.

This is at the same time that the computing discipline is increasing in Florida and in Gainesville itself.

Please consider the facts posted at http://saveufcise.wordpress.com/ (including our Dean's proposal), and sign our petition. The Dean's drastic reduction is under the guise of a budget reduction (2% cut to the departments, all borne by our department), and a 'reduction of duplication'. The change would actually increase duplication, because the MS in Computer Engineering would move to another department, while the MS in CS would remain in CISE.

If these changes go through, and I remain at CISE, my NSF-supported research in sparse matrix algorithms, including x=sparse(A)\b in MATLAB, would disappear. Other NSF-supported research would also evaporate.

Please support our petition, and consider contacting our president to oppose our Dean's plan (president@ufl.edu).

April 20: CCM Colloquium: Adam Kochanski

  • Multiscale atmosphere-fire simulations - from experimental burns to wildland fires
  • presentation

April 20: WRF-Sfire work session

April 21: Project ADTAO Toulouse

April 23: Data assimilation seminar: Volodymyr Kondratenko

Ensemble square root filters from DelSole-2009-ESR

April 30: Data assimilation seminar: Jingwei Li

Ensemble adjustment Kalman filter

April 30: fire project planning

May 6: Metadata in MS Word documents

May 13: WRF workshop paper

May 23: Gauss-Newton method and convergence of nonlinear EnKF and 4DVar

June 13: Fire presentation at CERFACS

June 14: Convergence of EnKF Hilbert space presentation at Paul-Sabatier University

June 25-26: Sparse Days 2012 at CERFACS

June 25-29: WRF Users' Workshop

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