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October 5: Comparison of time series

October 5: Circular statistics

October 7: Attempted patent on basic adaptive iterative solvers principle by Sergey Nepomyaschikh et al. ??

The community has been doing it for years. Good thing I am not interested in iterative solvers for a long time now...

October 10: Predatory publishers are corrupting open access

October 19: Annual report for the NSF CDI grant

October 21: Kriging

October 30: Quantification of Uncertainty

October 30: FFT and Wavelet EnKF

November 9: How to edit the department SharePoint site

November 15: Perimeter ignition paper

November 21: Fire emissions in WRF Fire by FINN

November 24: Coupling with WRF-Chem

November 25: Computing ros in the code

  • inputs are uf and vf = wind and dzdxf dzdyf = terrain gradient, declared in registry.fire
  • these are projected on the normal to the fireline before inputting in the ros formula before calling fire_ros in module_fr_sfire_phys.F

December 5: Work in progress


  • paper draft, matlab code, Lorenz 96 (Serge, Elhoucine). Needs more test, weather.
  • Next: model reduction on ensemble, WRF, comparison with WRFDA & DART (maybe)
  • See also my 3 talks at the seminar about 4DVAR in September

EnKS theory

(Elhoucine) Add also model noise and back updates.

EnKF theory in Hilbert space

white noise perturbation to be make rigorous (Loren, Jon) slides notes today's photos Loren's list

LETKF and SQRT filters in Hilbert space

see LETKF chapter in the notes

Station data assimilation in moisture model


Google maps interface

Coupling with WRF-Chem

(Adam, Jon)

Assimilation of perimeter and perimeter ignition


Numerical methods for mosaic fuel

hybrid level set/rules propagation (Volodymyr)

Parameter identification for ROS

Filters with covariance fitting by FFT and wavelets

Validation of wildfire models

  • Adam leads

December 10-14: Toulouse, France

December 13: Publicity at phys.org

December 15-21: Coupling with WRF-Chem

December 21: New papers in print

Megafires paper published online

Fireflux paper accepted

December 27: Running on Janus cluster again

  • To build the fire code on Janus: Before doing anything,
ssh janus-compile4
source /projects/jmandel/intel.rc
  • Configure for the intel compiler. This is the only one on Janus that can build the full code (including WRF-Chem) with MPI. The user documentation is now quite good and you can find it at https://www.rc.colorado.edu/crcdocs/start
  • Build your codes in the /projects file system. Run large problems in the /lustre file system. I suggest the janus-short or janus-small queue unless there is a reason otherwise.
  • Allocation is needed to submit jobs. Check if you were added by
use Crc-allocations
  • To transfer files push them from the outside
rsync -arvzuP your_file_or_directory login.rc.colorado.edu:/projects/your_user_name_on_janus

December 28: KS4DVAR presentation for the AMS meeting

December 29: Revising the Adaptive-Multilevel BDDC paper

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