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April 2: Moisture data assimilation and fire danger site

April 8: Interesting software technologies

April 10: PhD job market

April 14: Rating of journals

April 15: About math department UT Arlington

April 16: Data assimilation seminar: White noise on Hilbert space - finitely additive probability measures on cylinder sets

April 21: 4DVAR by Ensemble Kalman Smoother paper completed

April 23: Data assimilation seminar: Martin Vejmelka

April 23: Dark side of open access publishing

April 27: Covariance fitting in least squares

May 13-18: Numerical Wildfires 2013

May 20-30: Institute of Computer Science, CAS, Prague

June 6: Fire simulation server

June 6: LETKF Analysis

June 9: Quantum computing by D-Wave systems

June 10: How to access online resources when off campus

June 23-July 6: Institute of Computer Science, CAS, Prague

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