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Apr 25: PGI compilers

  • Free PGI for OSX
  • But it does not have the graphical debugger  :-( so I can as well ssh to a server in terminal

May 15: Chem paper submitted

  • Adam K. Kochanski, Mary Ann Jenkins, Kara Yedinak, Jan Mandel, Jonathan D. Beezley, and Brian Lamb, "Toward an integrated system for fire, smoke, and air quality simulations", May 2014 CCM Report 322
  • files

May 29: Combinations of 4D/3D/VAR and EnKF/EnKS

  • Four-dimensional ensemble Kalman filtering Hunt-2004-FEK doi ucd ...adapts EnKF to handle observations that have occurred at non-assimilation times...

Jun 2: Initialization after analysis

Jun 21: NFDRS and dead fuel moisture

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