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Jan 10: Mike McCourt: Parameterization Schemes and Their Quality in Kernel Interpolation

Jan 13: Software stacks problem

Jan 14-18: Joint Mathematics Meeting

Gibbs lecture: Andrew Blake

Feb 3: Data assimilation seminar: Assimilation of satellite fire detection in a coupled fire-atmosphere model

  • Announcement.
  • Abstract: Current fire detection products from the VIIRS instrument on the Suomi NPP satellite and the MODIS instrument on the Aqua and Terra satellites produce detection squares in arbitrary locations, with gaps in between. There is no global fire/no fire map, no fire perimeter, and false negatives are common. Consequently, fire detection should be used to improve fire modeling in a statistical sense only, not as a direct input. We describe a new data assimilation method for fire detection, based on a modification of the forecast fire arrival time to minimize the difference from the forecast, and the total mismatch of the likelihood of detection and the actual fire detection. This method is inspired by countour detection used in computer vision, and it can be cast as a bayesian technique for an inverse problem. After the modified fire arrival time is found, the model is then re-run from some time in the past using the modified fire arrival time to generate the heat fluxes and spin up the atmospheric model. At the time of the detection (the satellite overpass), the re-run stops, the fire model takes over, and the simulation continues from the modified state.
  • manuscript files
  • Matlab code

Feb 7: Sensitivity to Bayesian priors

Feb 15: Coimbra conference coming up

Mar 17: LETKF convergence paper done

Mar 24: Graduate abstract algebra

Mar 25: Intel Phi

Mar 31-Apr 2: SIAM UQ 14

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