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October 18 Session 1

October 18 Session 2

  • Steven E. Peckham, NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CIRES/Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO; and S. Schranz, M. Fromm, and B. Potter Examining the ability of numerical models to forecast pyrocumulus
    • fires can produce pyro-Cu pyro-Cb clouds with strong gusty winds; which produces which?
    • Station fire 2009, largest fire in LA county history to that time, non-Santa Anna wind fire, on a cloud-free afteroon large pyro-cu developed near the fire, as the wind changed fire deteriorated quickly (>200ft flames)
    • Interest in forecasting of pyro-cumulus, little is known about numerical system ability to predict their occurance
    • WRF 1 way nested 20/4 km Aug29-3Sep. Grell cumulus (domain 1 only), separate fire plume rise 1D calculation, fire: boundary heat and moisture flux, plume rises up, Sep 1 never reaching saturation (no clouds produced), Sep 2: forms clouds, parcel theory in addition
    • jm: could WRF + fire do all that with 2-way fire-atmosphere coupling?
  • Gil Bohrer, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio; and S. R. Garrity, E. Chatziefstratiou, and W. E. Heilman Large eddy simulation of canopy-structure effects on smoke dispersion from low-burning prescribed fires
    • Uses finite volume solver for N-S equation, 1 m resolution: RAFLES model
    • also found: comparison with WRF-FLEXPART
    • Do you see any effect of the canopy structure on plume emissions? Ref Garrity et al 2012 remote sensing letters, virtual canopy generator Bohrer et al 2007 Tellus-B (fft-based: random decay in frequency space)
    • Fire model: cell-based, (cell?) ignition threshold function of fuel moisture
    • Get much more smoke penetrating the canopy when heterogeneous
  • Gary L. Achtemeier, USDA Forest Service, Athens, GA; and Y. Liu and S. L. Goodrick Coupling Rabbit Rules with Daysmoke for simulating fire spread and plume rise for an RxCadre aerial ignition prescribed burn
    • converging winds from Rabit rules itself, somewhat similar to full physics model, but simple
    • wildfire - multiple columns of smoke
    • 6000 ignition balls dropped, given by block ball density in helicopter path, light winds from WRF, block size=1650acres
    • feeding Daysmoke Manual
  • Rodman Linn, LANL, Los Alamos, NM; and C. H. Sieg, J. Winterkamp, R. Parsons, and C. Hoffman Examining Mountain Pine Beetle Impacts on Coupled Fire/Vegetation/Atmosphere Behavior in Lodgepole Pine Stands Using FIRETEC

October 18 posters

October 19 Session 1

October 19 Session 2

October 19 Session 3

October 19 Session 4

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October 20 Session 2

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