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Welcome to the Wiki for the Center for Computational Mathematics

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This wiki provides a central place for communicating and storing information useful to all members of the Center for Computational Mathematics, University of Colorado Denver. Students and faculty are encouraged to write and maintain pages here for these purposes:

Recently Updated:

Legacy Pages (will be updated):

How to contribute

  • Ask to create a wiki account for you. You need to have an account and be logged in to see the Edit tab or edit links.
  • Press the Edit tab on some page to check out how the wikicode looks like. See Help editing for details.
  • Be sure to sign on discussion pages by ~~~~.
  • Use the Sandbox or your user page and its subpages to experiment.
  • When you add a page to this Wiki, please make sure it has a category. If you are unsure what category to assign it to or how, put at the bottom of your page

so that it can be seen in the List of contents, and someone will reclassify it for you.

  • Anything you write can and will be edited by others.


  • - technical requests, reports if something does not work as it should
  • - comments, contents, organization, or anything else.

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