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NASA Earth science data access by ftp has been discontinued and replaced by https. Unfortunately this is not as simple as changing ftp to https in the links and it breaks our current ingest system completely. References to ftp all over the NASA websites are invalid. To access data, you need to make an Earthdata account. You need to be logged in to access the data from a browser, or have API key.


Looking for MOD03

From Earthdata home page -> FIND DATA

search for MOD03!4!!&q=mod03&ok=mod03

view all related URL -> documentation

API endpoints -> CMG gives a json looking hopeful

which contains urls like which actually work

trying with MODIS/Terra Geolocation Fields 5-Min L1A Swath 1km - NRT!4!!&q=mod03&ok=mod03

But NRT shows no API endpoint? Finds 2296 granules

Download all ->select data access metod, only one choice green box "direct download" -> view download data links or download script.

The links work but the download shell script does not (password authentication does not stick)


Search for collections

These links respond in xml with all collections that match the product

Misc links


Data Download Script (Python):

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