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Matching commits

The latest version of WPS in WRF-SFIRE is ad237e9e5e/WPS which is the same as WPS RELEASE 3.3, never mind the comments that say 3.4.

The differences of the current master f5fa5cdeab/WPS as of Sat Dec 8 2018 against WPS RELEASE 3.3 are in the files

Files ../WPS/arch/Config.pl and WPS/arch/Config.pl differ
Files ../WPS/arch/configure.defaults and WPS/arch/configure.defaults differ
Files ../WPS/arch/postamble and WPS/arch/postamble differ
Files ../WPS/arch/preamble and WPS/arch/preamble differ
Only in WPS: co_meadow_creek
Files ../WPS/configure and WPS/configure differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL and WPS/geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL.FIRE and WPS/geogrid/GEOGRID.TBL.FIRE differ
Only in WPS/geogrid: GEOGRID.TBL.FIRE.colibri
Only in WPS/geogrid: GEOGRID.TBL.FIRE.kingspeak
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/Makefile and WPS/geogrid/src/Makefile differ
Only in WPS/geogrid/src: geotiff_module.F
Only in WPS/geogrid/src: geotiff_stubs.c
Only in WPS/geogrid/src: geotiff_stubs.h
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/gridinfo_module.F and WPS/geogrid/src/gridinfo_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/output_module.F and WPS/geogrid/src/output_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/proc_point_module.F and WPS/geogrid/src/proc_point_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/process_tile_module.F and WPS/geogrid/src/process_tile_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/src/source_data_module.F and WPS/geogrid/src/source_data_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/geogrid/util/plotgrid/src/input_module.F and WPS/geogrid/util/plotgrid/src/input_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/metgrid/src/datatype_module.F and WPS/metgrid/src/datatype_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/metgrid/src/input_module.F and WPS/metgrid/src/input_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/metgrid/src/output_module.F and WPS/metgrid/src/output_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/metgrid/src/process_domain_module.F and WPS/metgrid/src/process_domain_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/metgrid/src/storage_module.F and WPS/metgrid/src/storage_module.F differ
Files ../WPS/namelist.wps and WPS/namelist.wps differ
Files ../WPS/namelist.wps.fire and WPS/namelist.wps.fire differ
Only in ../WPS: test_suite
Files ../WPS/ungrib/src/Makefile and WPS/ungrib/src/Makefile differ
Files ../WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/Makefile and WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/Makefile differ
Files ../WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/g2/dec_png.c and WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/g2/dec_png.c differ
Files ../WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/g2/enc_png.c and WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/g2/enc_png.c differ
Only in ../WPS/util: make_regression_data.tar
Only in ../WPS/util: regtest_wps.csh
Only in ../WPS/util: wps_reg.html
Only in ../WPS/util: wps_reg_html_maker.csh
Only in ../WPS/util: zap_reg.csh

Summary of differences

  • The differences in source code seem to be in added geotiff support, and numerous small changes in fire grid (called subgrid) support.
  • The full diff is in File:Diff.pdf.
  • More information on the changes and their motivation could be obtained from the comments in the respective commits.

Upgrade considerations

  • It is possible that further WPS releases corrected the same subgrid issues but in a different way so diff-ing the files against 4.0 may not be useful. The number of differences and conflicts grows fast with increasing version from 3.3 up.
  • One can guess but does not know for sure which of the changes against the 3.3 release were truly necessary and which were due to an effort to learn and make improvements.
  • An automatic merge with the current WPS version will probably not be useful.
  • The variables for the fire model seem to be configured in the TBL text files rather than by changes in the source, which should help.
  • The best way may be to start from the current WPS and fix issues as they come up, avoiding changes to the source unless absolutely necessary.
  • Convert geotiffs maybe by convert_geotiff and use directly first, port geotiff support later if needed.
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